About Etoile

This blog, as well as our first three books, Girl On Demand, Fair Market Value and The Scarlet Entrepreneur, are the products of a writing team of two. Sometimes my partner Richard writes what I say; sometimes I say what he writes. But the voice in our books is always first person because the story is about me and it's an almost true story.

Shortly before our book venture began, I hired Richard to ghostwrite my memoirs. I intended that the effort produce a simple, non-commercial accounting that I could pass on to my daughter when she was old enough to understand and appreciate my life's endeavors.

But a funny thing happened. As we captured my life into a preliminary outline, we became aware that my memoirs told an unusual and interesting story. What I did my last two years of high school, my first years as a deluxe call girl with a day job in real estate, my three years with Felipe-my almost husband-and my husband of five years Sterling was unique.

Not only had I discovered personal independence and a healthy affinity for men, but my entrepreneurial bent for organizing my life to attain certain goals, it seemed to us, made a compelling story. We decided we would make my memoirs into three, possibly four, books. We titled the series Tales of Etoile.

But for whom would we write such a story? Who would our audience be? Without these answers we would never develop a voice our readers would like.

Here's what we decided. After a lot of informal research into who reads memoirs and erotica, and after digesting feedback from a dozen beta readers, the persona of our ideal customer would be: female, intelligent, independent, probably over 30; who likes explicit sexual narrative; who likes her heroine's sexual activities more closely tied to reality than a Prince Charming romance; who appreciates that hard work leads to success but realizes that one has to grapple with the frustrations brought by that success; who certainly is not one who feels shortchanged by a male-dominated world; and who thinks Carly Fiorina, CEO of Hewlett-Packard, candidate for the US Senate and cancer survivor, is the kind of woman their daughters should aspire to become.

If you know this person, please give us a call.